Saturday, August 9, 2008

heavy on the labels, heavier on the love

You guys remember Sex and the City, right?

I think it's a big loss that the assistant to the Vice-President of Merril Lynch wears those sharp-toed neon pink heels. SAD CASE lah. I mean, come on! Good looking, well-groomed, flawless English and confident, not to mention working at Merril Lynch? (haha Mr. Jimmy) There just HAD to be a catch.

I took notes throughout the movie, and you guys got to check out It's the exact site in the movie! There's excerpts of Carrie's books on this site, like the Menhattan book you see at the beginning of the movie. And Mr. Big's email address is (No website available though).Carrie's is

These are some ads I got in my mail:
Coke and McDonalds! So Ivan.

How many brands can you recognise on this branded baby? (Awh, it's like Marketing class all over again):

Atheletic baby:

Hmm...somehow the ads add an Andrew vibe to it.

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